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O.3 Compliant Sunbeds


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We have the best sunbeds in the industry, they are 0.3 Compliant so you won't burn. They give you a long lasting tan that stays rather than a 5 minute blast that fades fast and is really dangerous for the skin! We also have the best price on minute packages so come and see us for a healthy tan!

ONLY 80p a minute or save with a package!


Buy 30 Minutes £15.00 Save £9.00 (50p a Minute)
Buy 60 Minutes £27.00 Save £21.00 (45p a Minute)
Buy 90 Minutes £36.00 Save £36.00 (40p a Minute)
Buy 120 Minutes £42.00 Save £54.00 (35p a Minute)



Lay Down Sunbeds

Our lay down sunbeds have 42 tanning tubes with SLi face tanners. It is surprisingly complete, with the comfort of the sun worshipper taking centre stage. The ergonomically formed acrylic plates hug the body and, with a cable for MP3 connection, our clients can use their own MP3 player for control and enjoy surround sound music at their fingertips.

With high powered fans, adjustable on both the face and body and facial tanners that can be lowered in strength, these features just make a sunbed session feel like a mini holiday! 


Stand Up Sunbed

A vertical tanning bed literally tans from top to toe in a comfortable way.  It has additional benefits for the user, no white areas caused by pressure points, and a more active tanning session.  Our beds also have a vibrating floor panel which combines a workout with a tan.  This feature can be turned off if necessary.  No more boring tanning sessions - get a work out - shake & bake!


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